Goa, Going, Gone

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
13 July 2019 13:22 IST

It has been amusing how we the hollow, morally bankrupt and politically compromised Goans, have hyper-ventilated with righteous indignation at the new vaudeville show in town.

Orchestrated by the referee in Delhi, it's like the entire Brazilian squad switched loyalties midway in the match, crossed over to the German side leaving Reggie the goalkeeper scratching his head, the old guard on the bench not knowing what hit them and poor Girish, the head coach, putting his hand on chest muttering: All izz well!!!

Shameful?? Predictable?? A pig-sty??

Use all the adjectives you want, but the one question every punch drunk Goan must answer is this:

Sincerely, honestly & without prevarication.


There are three possible scenarios:

  1. The DEMISE (well deserved I say) of the Congress!

If this is the reason you are livid, it's no good because the Congress candidates have repeatedly betrayed your trust and most importantly its own ideology for well over 4 decades now and like pigs going back to their soak pit, you have gone back to them hoping for a miracle, some bloody miracle.

2019 was an opportunity. There is one & only one genuine ideologue in the Congress. Girish Chodankar. This war-horse has been sent into all losing battles but never given a safe seat, so that he could have some power to steer the Congress ship.

What did it cost the Congress intelligentsia of South Goa and the influential Church to push for this boy in South Goa (parliamentary) in 2019?

But no, one had to settle for a Christao... oscillating, vacillating, often silent even if debonair, but a Christao it had to be.

How else can we defend secularism right?? Otherwise!!


This is the second group, up in arms, since their beloved, holy and pure BJP is now polluted by these new upstarts and entrants.

These same toxic relationships with "Congress" scum was never angrily challenged in the Parrikar era.

So is this about cleaning the bop or more about losing power??

Once you make the first compromise to seize power you then must make countless more to remain in power.



I frankly belong to this group. This madness flies in the face of any civilised democracy and if Goa has to extricate itself from the morass, it must address this.

Save democracy not the Congress show jumpers or the BJP tricksters.

So do you want a solution???

Ok here goes. It's a bitter pill and you can pillory me for it, but then WTF.

There must be a three way alliance that must come together NOW with a clear focus on Goa’s governance, our environmental crisis and our fiscal doom.

That three way alliance to fight polls on the ground must consist of:

(A) AAP: Led by hard-boiled ideologues like Valmiki, Elvis Et al, who will not compromise on Goa at any cost.

(B) Congress: Led and powered by Girish and team. All old wood to be put out to pasture — a Margdarshan Mandal if you will — and Girish must ensure no compromise with the carpet baggers. 

(C) GSM: Surprised??? This party is the key. You can disagree with Prof. Velingkar on the useless medieval battles he fights needlessly, but you cannot doubt his intentions for Goa’s future, his integrity and his passion for a good fight.

For this to happen sclerosed and ossified Christaos, Muslims and Hindus will have to get out of their stupid religious corners, learn to trust one another, sort out differences in a civilised manner and work towards our urgent Goan goals for the future, that of preservation of our land, tackling this monumental corruption and urgently address our air, water and food issues.

Ready for it Goa ???

I doubt it completely.

Come election time you will let all your fears get the better of you, go back to your familiar caste, language and religious corners and back the same corrupted Congress charlatans in different Avataars or the BJP with yet another promise of NEW Goa or something.

History will rightly record us thus:

Here existed a pathetic people who committed harakiri while singing irrelevant mandos and dulpods and who always stupidly thought they were God's greatest gift to India - indeed the world.

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Delhi people prove it wrong to those people who says that Congress & BJP cannot be thrown out due to Corruptions. Delhi people gave 67 out of 70 seats to AAP. Today Delhi people are getting half Electricity bill, Free Water, Free Education, Free Health Care, Best Caring Old Age Homes, Free Home Delivery of Government Services, CCTVs around the full Delhi, etc.

Let us hope AAP comes to Goa and Goans get what Delhi people are getting now at present.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 16 th July 2019 20:31


I disagree with Dr Oscar that Valmiki, Elvis and Velingakar are the bright/sincere lines over dark clouds.They got three digit votes.They are unfit for politics.Indian democracy is corrupt democracy and Goan democracy is one step ahead of it. Mr Ravi Naik was Dy chief minister in Parrikar’s cabinet in 1903-4. Common man in Goa is helpless and ultimately people get the govt. they deserve.

- M D Phal, Porvorim | 14 th July 2019 16:58


All Goans from all over the India and World must come in Goa and demand to scrap EVMs in Goa and bring Ballot Paper in Goa. Atleast in Goa there must be election with Ballot Paper and not with EVM. All Elections must be contest through Ballot Paper To Save Goa and To Save Democracy.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 13 th July 2019 22:59


Judas did not killed Jesus but he supported the Killer, so we consider him as a Sinner.

Same way, Some Goans did not commit Corruptions but they supported Corruptions by voting a Corrupt Congress. Judas did this for Thirty Silver Coins and Some Goans did this to avoid Communal BJP. But in both ways, both are Sinners! Supporting Corrupt Congress to avoid Communal BJP is also a SIN.

So now Goans has to suffer in the hands of both Congress & BJP supported by Goan Parties.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 13 th July 2019 22:51


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