Is it Opinion Poll celebration or chicanery called Asmitai?

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
18 January 2018 20:09 IST

After the massive PR exercise indulged in by the Goa  Forward spearheaded by Jack Sardesai, oops, Vijay Sardesai on the anniversary of the Opinion  Poll on 16 January 1967, can I, a political junkie, pose a few questions?

1. If the Opinion Poll was an emphatic victory and there were heroes and villains, were all those who voted for merger, villains who betrayed the cause of Mother Goa?

Or were there other dynamics like caste oppression, land rights issues and social marginalization that propelled them to vote against the entrenched land holding powers of Goa...viz the landed Saraswats, Cristaos and the Church???

2. Have those issues of marginalization been adequately addressed??

3. Why is it that Opinion Poll remains a blockbuster issue in Velhas Conquests and doesn't raise a flutter in Novas Conquestas??

4. If one Goa won the Opinion Poll battle and another Goa lost, how, pray, is this victory for ALL OF GOA?? So did the Victor reach out sincerely to the vanquished to genuinely understand why they wanted to go with Maharashtra??

5 .Forget identity, language, food and all that jazz, isn't Goa primarily and fundamentally defined by its LAND?? And isn't that the one resource we are all shamelessly exploiting, selling, squandering and generally destroying??

Do we have a collective responsibility to our land or are we satisfied by this chicanery called Asmitai??

6. Are we Goans on a well-orchestrated, fully compliant collective suicide mission that now looks a complete certainty mad, daft, criminally culpable or simply a perfect, smooth talking hypocrites who have sold our souls for a song??

The more I reflect on the tragic mess that is Goa, I certainly think that even Sodom and Gomorrah would look like paradise compared to us.

Happy Asmitai whatever!
A fellow hypocritical Goan
Oscar Rebelo Goa

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Goans are not Corrupt to vote Corrupt Congress.

Goans are not Communal to vote Communal BJP.

It is the EVM which projected Goans as Corrupt & Communal in the last Assembly election.

All Like-Minded Goans Must Form “GOANS AGAINST EVM” And Demand Voting In Goa Only With The Ballot Papers.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 20 th January 2018 22:08


Kudos to you Dr. Oscar for voicing a different perspective which every politician in Goa tries to push under the carpet. Control and ownership of the land was undoubtedly an important issue Bamons of all shades; Gaud, Kudaldeshkar, Rajapurkars and Chitrapur united wholeheartedly to protect the land they controlled through temples and mhajania act.

Bahujans who voted for and anti-merger are still fighting among themselves, while those who either rule or head political parties including Shiv Sena in Goa belong to a caste that always controlled political and economic power in this tiny state. Catholic community has lost its spunk due to rampant migration and the fear of rising violent communalism.

Osmitai has been turned into a joke by an agent turned politician who claims that Goenkarponn and Konkani is in his blood due to his pedigree. But in reality he is alleged to be a front for likes of Xavier Marques. His new ally and commander in Taligaon is a notorious history sheeter who has turned that village into a concrete jungle. No one wishes to question him as how he can talk of saving Goa and its environment while building his own house in the middle of a paddy field? Or how he amassed such a wealth through the land deals? And who bought this land from niz Goenkars?

He is perceived as a successor of the current Chief Minister with blessings from pontiffs and businessmen from the community. He can’t afford to lose his nuisance value. Obviously he is trying create a mass base among the Catholics. And your thoughts have caught him with his pants down, Dr. Oscar!

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Aquem , Margao | 19 th January 2018 23:40


Well said, Dr. Oscar! Kudos to you for raising issues which are being pushed under the carpet by wily politicians. The marginalized bahujan samaj that voted for merger still fights as mundcars in Goa, along with mundcars from anti merger group.

The Bamon comprising all shades of Saraswats like Gaud, Kudalshekar, Chitrapur, Rajapur etc.wholeheartedly united to save the land they owned directly or indirectly through temples.

This same tribe is controlling Goa using self proclaimed jokers from the Catholic community that has lost its spunk due to rampant migration and a feeling of insecurity in the wake of aggressive communism.

'Osmita'i has been turned into a cruel joke by an agent using politics to further his interests. It is amazing as how a real estate agent allegedly used by likes of Xavier Marques as a front for land deals claims to run Konkani and Goenkarponn in his blood and talks about Goa's wefare. the track record shows that his own house stands in the middle of a paddy field and his his newly appointed , notorious agent has turned Taleigaon into a concrete jungle.Those who shout loudest about Goenkarponn seem to be the front runners while selling Goa to non Goans.

I wonder why no one demands an inquiry into the source of income and rapid prosperity of this rising star, perceived as a successor of the current Chief Minister!!, Is it because of the protective cushion of his caste around him?

- Rupesh Jhalmi, Aquem , Margao | 19 th January 2018 13:14


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