Political assassination

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
09 May 2017 22:14 IST

As expected, the political assassination of the AAP and its most visible mascot Arvind Kejriwal, is well and truly underway. 

When you are victorious as in Delhi 2015, everyone genuflects, fake smiles, plastered all over their faces.

You lose and the very electorate that you put your life on the line for, ditches you, then the smiling masks of the assassins, fall off promptly. 


Smash AK credibility, make AAP seem as corrupt as the rest, and the whole edifice of opposition comes crumbling down. 

And BJP with the help of a section of the supplicant , shameless media, comes out smelling of roses.

But let's apply a little logic and common sense to these outrageous canards and baseless allegations against AK. 

1. If AAP was indeed so brazenly corrupt and a fountainhead of nepotism, then the simplest thing for AAP would be to make peace with the BJP and merge with it.

Goa forward has done it.. the Akalis have done it.

In a heartbeat the moment you stop opposing the BJP every case against you is dropped and life's good again. 

Why doesn't AAP do this ?? No one asks this very basic, fundamental question.

Maybe AAP does not compromise with their principles. Duh??? 

2. Why does that pseudo Gandhian Anna Harare, who admittedly gave a credible face to IAC, only finds fault with AAP, not with the BJP ruling now the entire country , almost.

Is the wise man's contention that the whole country is now squeaky search and rid of all corruption? 
And the only last vestiges of corruption are in Delhi? Even idiocy has its limits.

3. Mr Modi- Shah, who admittedly may have put in systems in place to check black money genesis and distribution, are playing a dangerous game of annihilating the opposition space by setting all their wolves on them.

The BJP consistently gets 30 - 35% vote share in most states.

That means 60% of the electorate not enamoured by the BJP requires a voice- an opposition voice - to air their grievances.

This process for the uninitiated is called DEMOCRACY by the way.

If that vast group of people have no leaders to vent their anxieties and problems, then necessarily they'll spill onto the streets. 

And strong arm smashing of protests may not find the same support in Gujarat or Karnataka or up as it finds in Srinagar.

The moral of this story then is that the BJP support base and a section of the electronic media who cheer on this unfair decimation of the opposition space, without holding the government in power to account play a long term dangerous game. 

Our country, our polity and most importantly our great religion Hinduism, by which India is defined, in many ways, tires very easily of stifling dissenting voices. 

From the little I know of history and religion, ours is a civilisation that has been shaped by arguments and dissent and debate...for well over 5000 years.

Killing that for the sake of unbridled power is a strategy sure to backfire. 

And backfire it will.

Post script.: Even Arvind’s most bitter critic will acknowledge that he can be exasperating and authoritarian, a know all even a yeda.. but he is NOT corrupt. That's a given. 

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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If AK/AAP is fail then

Humanity will fail

Honesty will fail

Hope of becoming a corruption free State will fail

Someone is there to stand face to face with the corrupt people will fail

Bringing back the lost glory of Goa will fail

Because Congress & BJP are both Corrupt and only hope is AAP/AK for Goa.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 15 th May 2017 20:04


Panchayat and Bypoll Election must be contest through Ballot Paper To Save Goa and To Save Democracy.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 09 th May 2017 23:27


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