Oh Arvind, my Arvind !!!

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
28 April 2017 09:23 IST

I care two hoots what the know-all grave diggers have to say about Arvind Kejriwal. 

They are gleefully writing his obituary , hoping he'll fade off into the sunset, like an ageing Clint Eastwood, having exhausted all his bullets from the holster. 

As a busy body, in the AAP camp, during the Goa elections, though I refused to contest, I observed AK and the phenomenal Delhi team that oversaw our strategy very closely.

So here's my two pennies worth.

First our mistakes: And mistakes we did like all well-meaning, idealistic fools who thought that fighting the system was as simple as Amitabh Bachchan, singlehandedly knocking out the bad guys in his movies.


There can be no doubt that the Modi-Shah combination is cleverly eviscerating democracy, one institutional and media pillar at a time, but in public perception we fell into two of their well-laid-out traps. One condemning the surgical strike while doubting the army version and secondly doing a ballistic on demonetisation.

Both these events, even if didn't yield utopian results, gave a real knock to Pakistan and certainly sent the black economy into a mad panic. 

Crushing black economy is the life blood of AAP and demonetisation should have been welcomed, with caveats of course, but our blind rage of Modi-Shah blinded us to the obvious. 


Mr Bhushan and Yogendra can't pretend to be angels, as they assiduously tried to sabotage AAP chances in Delhi 2015. 

But their ugly, public ejection horrified us and did far more damage to brand AK rather than the holier than thou Bhushan-Yogendra.

This then alienated vast swathes of public movement followers across the country, who still revere Bhushan-Yadav.


Wrong. The Hindutwa right wing and the Conservative Hindu who still abides by the peaceful, accommodating tenets of Hinduism are in awe and in complete thrall of brand Modi. And Modi has not given them any reason to complain.

The " secular " brigade comprising liberal Hindus, Christians and Muslims are in so much terror of the undeclared Hindu Rashtra training upon us that they are looking at the most realistic option, available, to beat the BJP be it Congress-NCP-Trinamool, stuffed with charlatans or not.

Our brand of being one trick ponies on the anti-corruption crusade are finding no riders.

These are our mistakes, cross my heart. 

But to now drag Team AK and the AAP team and parade them like some deshdrohis, to be sent to the guillotine, as the partisan media - particularly electronic - seems to suggest is an appalling affront to any remnant of democracy, if still alive in our country.

Those volunteers and leaders I've encountered on Goa have been humbling examples of selfless services rendered to the people of Goa. 

They've slept in huts and in vehicles, given up lucrative jobs and worked tirelessly for the AAP dream.

That the people of Goa thought otherwise and sided with the oppressors, they allegedly despised is another pathetic story in the annals of Goan history. 

And AK led from the front. Combative, Committed and completely Convinced of the dream of a better India.

Of course he could be exasperating and short tempered, he could never suffer fools easily and perhaps suffered from a pinch of paranoia like any leader in the spotlight.

But that was because he was HUMAN not EVIL as the world now seems to suggest.

Arvind like any great leader, has sacrificed so much. Family and career, financial security even his health.

To now go baying for his blood, both from within and without, is horrifyingly ghastly to say the least.

The AAP never oversaw a scam or engineer a riot. It never destroyed lives or compromised with conformed criminals like the Cong or BJP continue to do.

We may lose but we do so honourably. Winning dishonourably is NEVER an option for us. 
So must AK fade out into the sunset, must AAP pack its bags and wind up.

The few warriors left defending the plural, inclusive, honest idea of India would then be lost to us.

This is not like APRES AK LE DELUGE!!! if we don't continue to embrace AK and AK doesn't learn to embrace his old comrades and fellow ideological travellers, it'll be APRES AAP QUOI???

We'd better have an answer to that, before we gleefully and viciously burn the house down !! 

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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People like a person who acts, maybe for correct or wrong but definitely NOT a person who cribs or blames others for failure... for such a person is failure itself....that on AK

And bashing of Hindus in name of hindutva was not a good idea either .. started by congress , creating the Hindu terrorist and carried on by AAP. ... calling the most tolerant religion biased ....

and Hindu nation it is and proud of it . Among a very few in Asia . If you are not happy with the idea you have the racist west to choose from ...

- Ravindra , Goa | 01 st May 2017 17:17


Being AAP just less than 5 Years, it has defeated more than 50 Years Parties.

AAP won 67 Seats in Delhi,

AAP won 48 Seats in MCD,

AAP became the main opposition in Punjab

AAP got 6% vote share in Goa.

This is a great achievement for AAP, which never any political party got.

This means AAP is on the right track and will reach its destination very soon to make India a Corruption Free Country.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 29 th April 2017 19:33



You wrote about the mistakes which are convenient for AAP.

You didn't write about the corruption issues with AAP ministers in Delhi..

You didn't write about AK wanting to bg CM of Punjab

You forgot the arrogance & autocratic methods of AK

You forgot 35% vote share banners in Goa by some obscure agency & similar tactics employed by AAP throughout their rule in Delhi..

As regards the sacrifice by AK, there are millions of Indian Citizens doing so in NGOs & other political parties. But the return on sacrifice of Anna Movement enjoyed all alone by AK & his coterie is conveniently forgotten.

If being an honest person alone is the barometer of getting elected then atleast 80% people in this country should be sitting in Parliament & Assemblies.

AAP was given a chance for good governance by People & in return they gave Perception & Propoganda wasting hundreds of crores on advertising & election funding in other states...

The last but the least you forgot to mention the People themselves who must be misguided or ill equipped to understand the grand Holy Designs of Honest AK & AAP..

Warm Regards

Satyendra J Sonar

Note - FYI I am not a Bhakt..I am a disillusioned secular Indian disappointed with the failed promise called AAP..

- Satyendra Sonar, Goa | 29 th April 2017 10:31


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