Has the BJP gone (coco) nuts??

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
12 January 2016 10:19 IST

Now, that our infinitely treacherous BJP government, has knocked the wits out of our iconic coconut tree, by downgrading it to the status of a blade of grass, here are a few of my suggestions to hasten the demise of Goa, in keeping with their Standard Operating Procedure.

1. Redesignate LSD and heroin as anti-inflammatory drugs, and make them available over the counter at the infamous beach belt. 

2. Spin a yarn and call blackjack and poker, children's board games so that all individuals above the age of 5 can access the little joy boats floating like harmless scum on the Mandovi.

3. Give a new label to all prostitutes and pimps on the beach belt and rename them family planning ventures, that adds glamour and substance to our economy.

4. Convert all our fields and orchards and farms as barren zones to be gifted to the builder lobbies and then when the local populace runs out of xeet-coddi, simply cackle, like Marie Antoinette: "If they don't have rice why don't they eat cement instead"? 

5. Lastly, just for a lark, why not ask Lonely Planet and other guide books to declare all our spectacularly dazzling garbage sites as world heritage monuments and a must see on any tourist's visits here?? 

This BJP government has reached the end of its sensible limit now and are now entering extremely dangerous territory.

By sacrificing Goa's most "secular" emblem the coconut tree, the hubris and arrogance reminds me of the erstwhile Congress regime of 2007-2012.

When I confronted a portly ex-Congress minister before Debacle 2012 and told him that the people of Goa were gearing up to kick the pants off the regime, he threw his big (but brainless) head back and laughed: Arre dotor tumi Goenkar bhikari ani khuim vetele?? Congressi borabor euchech podtelem". The rest of course was history.

The BJP fellows in the saddle seem to be hurtling down the same suicidal cliff. 

It would be wise to remember that Goans are a passionate but very predictable lot.

When they love you, they'll hug you with all the affection at their disposal.

Woe betide if you betray them however, (as the BJP now seems determined to do)... Hell hath no fury like a Goan scorned!!! 

The bells toll. Keep the coconuts ready for prayer! 

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Previous Comments

Enjoy reading your blog Dr. What you've written is exactly what we feel. Hats off.

- Noelle, Miramar | 03 rd April 2016 09:48


Congress destroyed the wealth from underground

BJP from overground

Now the next party? AAP will destroy our youth by legalising all that is illegal

I read the post as a AAP manifesto

- Ravindra , Margao | 19 th January 2016 20:56


You probably meant all this as sarcasm but I think it will benefit both state and people.

Most of the people seem to miss the point that people respect law only if the law itself is respectable. People wont stop doing whats beneficial to them just because government passed some law.

As a coconut grower myself in Goa, I have cut down trees with impunity and would have kicked out any government officer meddling in my affairs. But forest official themselves are wise enough not to interfere with my coconut trees.

I think it makes total sense for Goa to legalize marijuana and other drugs. Generally when marijuana is legalized other drugs see a drop in demand. Unless the author is ignorant LSD, Marijuana and Cocaine are as easily available as sleeping medicines in Goa. You only have to ask.

Also, it is beyond my why Goa is not aiming to become the top gambling destination of the world. Instead of those boats ideally it should develop Vegas like Strip with giant casinos.

And yeah, prostitution is already pretty common in Goa, currently the government gets zilch tax out of it while police officers get rich. Also, sex workers get 0 rights. One day government will have to legalize that too.

Whether you like it or not government will eventually lose ground on all these issues and will have to give up the obsession of controlling our life.

P.S. Bambu was an important tree. Scientifically it is a grass but purely to protect it government put it under tree category. The result is that it has gone nearly extinct. If it was correctly classified as grass people could have made business out of it. A 100 cr. industry killed by government.

- Aryan, Panaji | 13 th January 2016 12:44


Forget credibility of BJP, you worry about your own authenticity and control your ambivalence dude. You go off the tangent for no rhyme or reason-- recent instances of Fr. Bismarck, Remo, Churchill support, etc. are a proof to that (read Goanews archive). Do you have guts to write against mining thieves? Your communal agenda is showing through the thin veil of secularism that you've been wearing for sometime now. You need to apologize to Goa Police for your recent potshots, mudslingings, and allegations against them during the Bismarck and Remo cases.

- Caitano Andadre, Talaulim-Goa | 12 th January 2016 17:56


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