They couldn't buy Claude...

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
05 December 2015 11:43 IST

In a world ravaged by climate change, now brought to stark reality by the horrors of the Chennai floods, it is horrifying to see the Goa government, in a fit of rabid rage, targeting Goa's foremost environmentalist Claude Alvares with such brazen impunity.

Singlehandedly this passionate warrior has taken the fight to the ruthless mining mafia and trounced them hands down in a court of law, by all legitimate means.

Since they couldn't buy out Claude and the Goa foundation, they've decided to declare him mad and seditious and "shoot" him down, not with reasoned arguments but by state inspired bullying. 

True, the government wants to restart mining to keep the economic wheels chugging in the hinterland, and that's a fair premise because the problem of alleviating the suffering in those areas is the headache the government has to confront and not Claude.

But this is not the way to address the issue. Intimidation, raids, calumny and bullying increasingly look like the only weapons the government has in its arsenal to win the argument. That is a completely unacceptable position to take in a democracy.

Fight Claude and the Goa foundation by all means in a court of law and beat Claude with the merits of your legal arguments. 

It is hoped the Supreme court would take suo moto cognizance of this attempt to muzzle the voice of Goa's most priceless diamond, who has made it his life's mission to protect Goa's environment from the horrendous greed of itself rapists.

As for the good people of Goa who hopefully will not remain silent at this shameless outrage, it will be wise to remember that most rapacious miners and builders and casino owners build their homes on higher ground. The Aam Aadmi, who lives down below will be the first to be drowned when the next flood decides to hit Goa. 

Gasping out for Claude then may not be enough to keep you alive. 

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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I do not understand these goan crab mentality. You guys are bloody vipers. Here is a man exposing the wrongs and these vipers are spitting venom on him.

You rightly said, ''gasping for Claude then..." or anyone for that matter will not be enough to keep these idots alive.

Keep up your blogs Doc.

- P Early, Aldona | 24 th February 2016 23:25


Claude is already bought over by the clandestine builder lobby. Don't get fooled or are you the part of that lobby too?

- Jeremeios, Goa | 10 th December 2015 23:43


Dear Madhav Bastodker,

Don't ask WHY, start taking action now.

- John W D'Souza, Margoa - Goa | 07 th December 2015 20:55


The situation in Goa is going from bad to worse on a daily basis. Justice, peace, neighborly love, cooperation etc. that were hallmarks of Goa and Goans, have all taken a back seat to the new modern corrupt Goan society.

I wanted to retire in Goa and bought a flat in Caranzalem. Due to the policies and practices of the government of Goa to encourage corruption, police brutality, nepotism, bribery, greed etc. this culture is now being practiced by the rich and poor in Goa. The colony where I purchased a flat, the original owners living in the colony for the past 20+ years are doctors, accountants, professors, company secretary, ex police officer, etc. etc. But, being on the Managing Committee since the beginning has made power go to their heads of cheating the other members by not paying legitimately for the flats they own, they want others to pay for the properties they own, including commercial units, covered parking, their persona garden on common land, etc. They demanded money from me illegally and incorrectly calculated amounts and when I refused they blocked my thoroughfare with paving stones and later when I called the fire department, they filed a false police complaint against me.

So, in short the corruption, nepotism, cronyism, bullying attitude (you remember the bouncers in Goa?) of the Goa government has seeped into the Goan culture and everyone believes they can break the law and get away with it even though they are highly educated with double degrees, they are professor in college, or company secretary, or French teacher, or ex police officer or tax accountant, etc. Their education has not taught them basic civic culture and this is now so common in Goa that people are flocking to get Portuguese passports and go away from Goa. That is why "outsiders" now have taken control of BSNL (there are hardly any Goans in the management of BSNL in Goa), communication, businesses, schools, IPS, ICS, etc.

And the government ministers and many bureaucrats have side businesses where they earn more than their government salaries and therefore they do not care about serving the common man.

What is happening to Dr.Claude Alvares is the signs of the time. The government will not stop at anything to bully the honest, decent, peace loving Goan.


- Tino Sequeira, Canada | 07 th December 2015 05:12


Inspiring. The fight has to be kept strong as all politicians are cunning.

- Reuben, Goa | 06 th December 2015 20:41


Why Goa foundation is not taking up the issue of over exploitation of river and sea water fish? This being natural wealth belongs to people of Goa of present and future generation. Like mining this wealth is also looted by few with Govt diesel subsidies as bonus. Why no one has the courage to take this issue?

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 06 th December 2015 07:40


That's because he has already been bought You seem to have forgotten the sand dunes issue of Wadia which a Gomantak Times reporter raised and was converted into a PIL by the High Court Where was Claude then? You make an idol of Claude and put it on your mantle Don't fool us Dr we know who's paying whom and who is purchased by whom We also remember your fiery GBA speeches You and your sort are no different from the 40 who take Goans for a ride Please don't don the Holier than thou robes

- DINESH MATHA, Margao | 05 th December 2015 18:28


Very true. Both , Mr . Claude and Mrs. Norma Alvares are relentlessly fighting on so many issues plaguing the state. Be it the Garbage problem or the Stray dogs issue. While every ruling government is his enemy, the opposition tries to ride piggy back to power. And the cycle goes on. The people of Goa should appreciate and support the couple in every way possible. May he continue his good work and hope no allegations and accusations deter him from fighting for the cause.

- savio continho , margao | 05 th December 2015 15:03


I support the view of dr.oscar.govt.should fight in cort istead of making allegation.goa foundation has keep finger on order of supreme cort. as per my knowledge no new petition has been filed to stop functioning of mines but tries to bring that no proper steps habe been taken to comply d order.

- prasad shahapurkar., mandre | 05 th December 2015 12:32


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