Aires Mhojo Ixtt !?

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
26 October 2015 11:55 IST

You can hate him or you can love him, but you can Never Never ignore him. 

Aires Rodrigues!!! 

A maverick?? A passionate contrarian?? An anti-corruption crusader?? A man whose mission it is to strike terror in the hearts of authority?? A political wheeler dealer?? 

Like the mother superior in the sound of music would exclaim exasperatedly, "How do you solve a problem like Aires"??? 

Clearly no easy answers.

For starters, let us analyse his strengths:

1. His legendary tenacity .Like a bulldog who's got your trousers he simply won't let go, scream and admonish him as much as you want.

2. His network of informers. It's incredible how he gets the dope on all his opponents and studies it so well that no one can dispute him on legal facts. You can abuse him but you can't dispute him… Not Atmaram, Not even his formidable best - friend - not - forever Manohar. 

3. His veritable reputation as de facto leader of opposition in Goa… singlehandedly he has embarrassed and cornered this government than a 1000 Ranes, Luizinhos and Vijays have done. His canny ability to use social media is now an additional headache for his opponents. Can he win an election, solely on the basis of these credentials…? In another country perhaps, but then Yeh Hai India Meri Jaan, worse, Hem Amchem Goem, my friends! The backslapping and congratulations will be for Aires but the VOTE!!! AH, that is reserved for Mickky. 

So, despite this yeoman service he's rendered to Goa, selflessly or otherwise, why is it that many people view Aires with suspicion and fear him rather than adore him??? 

The answer to that question, though apparently complex, is quite simple really.

And the answer is this:

Aires's lack of consistency.

Let me explain.

Goa gives Aires a high five for tenaciously locking out the arrogant, boastful Mickey in his war on corruption. But then his public sympathy for Churchill, who the people of Goa booted out in 2012 on corruption charges, is quixotic and inexplicable.

To get at his bete noire Manohar, he'll use his enemy’s enemy, howsoever corrupt.

Hence, people get the feeling that Aires war isn't on corruption, it is on Manohar, whatever the tactics.

His second major fault is his bazooka approach. To get at that perverted priest from Ribandar, he shot the whole church down… Great Rambo style, but you haven't made new friends.

Thirdly his inability to create a team to carry his fights forward... Aires Aires and only Aires, somewhat like Manohar Manohar and only Manohar. T.E.A.M as my sometime-friend-sometime-enemy Miguel never tires of telling us ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.

What then would my advice to Aires, Mon Ami Be??? 

Clearly the mission is to uproot the disastrous BJP in Goa who has reneged and that too so haughtily on every single promise made to the people of Goa. 

To do this, Aires needs to sell to the people of Goa how his friends in the Congress/Regional front plan to take us forward and How can he assure us the erstwhile bandidos have actually reformed??

Secondly, does he buy some sort of peace with some of his detractors and demonstrate some political cunning to achieve his objective?? 

And finally is he open to complete scrutiny that he demands of others?? Can like the RTI be applied to him as well.

I however strenuously object to the gutter language that Aires uses against his opponents, particularly Atmaram and Manohar… It does nothing to further the cause of civilised debate in Goa.

Also Aires is sometimes extremely unfair in vilifying heads of institutions, academic bodies and departments only because they are perceived to be close to Manohar or worse belong to his (and funnily) Aires caste.

That demoralises devastatingly eminent people who may not have a stomach for a political fight to serve Goa in their capacity.

Whichever way you look at it, Aires will be judged kindly by history. 

He may have tread on a lot of toes of friend and foe alike and some of his methods may have been questionable, but that his heart beat palpably and passionately for Goa and Goans will never be in doubt.


As they'd say in French, Vive L'Aires!

Post script:

Many of my BJP friends love to contend that Aires is a complete extortionist. If that were true, and knowing the BJP's gleeful pastime of throwing all political opponents in jail, how is it that Aires still roams free?? Clearly, nailing Aires ain't no easy task huh?? If no evidence, just defame… It works just fine.

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Previous Comments

All know for a fact this so called social activist digs up issues from which he can rake in money and shut his big mouth. Its surprising you don`t understand still his way of working.

If he really was concerned about Goa and if he has guts why cannot he dig facts of these current politicians in power , whose bank balances swell just like that .

Also forget embarrassing others, he took all he could to close the case where they attempted to finish him. If he could not fight for himself and took what was on offer , can he do something for society . No way.

Don`t even write about such a self centered person.

- Patrick, Siolim | 04 th March 2016 19:52


aires is a hot potato. if he was really sincere, he could have achieved a lot for himself and goans, in his fight on corruption.

he has lost all morality in his support for churchill. this will leave him barking for the rest of his days.

- JOHN MASCARENHAS, goa | 17 th January 2016 22:52


Certainly not up to your caliber of writing.... Something is amiss here. Are you preparing for an electoral swing? That would certainly be welcome because Goa needs people like you, but certainly not by trying to rope in Aires on your side in this way. This man will stab you no matter what and how many praises you shower on him. Dotor, be sure of one thing, goa needs people like you and you certainly do not need organizations like AAP or unethical people like Aires to prop you up. Although, i do like Aires' blurbs a lot when he speaks the truth, there are times that he crosses the limit and insults himself, his profession and all Goans who are sane.

I sure do hope to read more inspiring reads from you in the future, instead of wasting your time and talent on such topics.

Utt mhojea Goenkara

- Jaret de Silva, Chandor | 01 st November 2015 02:26



Supporting Churchill and opposing Mickey is steadfastness? probably opportunism, like most other current and past student leaders!

- PSU_leader, Vasco | 27 th October 2015 17:26


I think you have nothing else to write. Intellectually bankrupt!

- Luiz, Goa | 27 th October 2015 17:24


I like this bit from the story: "His veritable reputation as de facto leader of opposition in Goa… singlehandedly he has embarrassed and cornered this government than a 1000 Ranes, Luizinhos and Vijays have done. His canny ability to use social media is now an additional headache for his opponents."

The story is of course well written but beyond that it reminds me of my childhood favourite tovsoli and ponsa bakri with the fire at the top and bottom. But here the fire is sandwiched in between. Perhaps Goa Bachao Andolan should kick itself awake and join hands with this lone anti-corruption crusader who has singlehandedly stripped Atmaram naked and dimmed the hallow around the much hallowed Parrikar at least among those who have cared to read his fearless and yet unchallenged posts.

- Tony Martin, Galgibaga | 26 th October 2015 23:07


Why did Aires fled to Canada a few years ago?

- Rajeev Kamat, UAE/GOA | 26 th October 2015 23:02


A Big chamcha of Churchill. Taking share of 100 crores alleged loot by Churchill to fight case against Mickky.

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 26 th October 2015 21:53


Well written Oscar.

While several student leaders of the past conveniently chose to compromise and join the bandwagon, Aires' steadfastness is commendable.

Kudos to him and you too for echoing sentiments of many who know Aires closely.

- Shailendra Mehta, Mumbai | 26 th October 2015 12:44


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