Churchill... Comeback?

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
14 September 2015 23:03 IST

Churchill Alemao, Goa's Robin Hood and someone who at some deep level has an abiding love for Goa, finds himself in a pungent pickle these days. 

Reading the bible and plotting with his supporters he must be dreaming of a comeback trail, on the back of a sympathy wave. 

Sad to say that despite the redoubtable Aires Rodrigues legal brains at his disposal, this is not going to happen.

Because in the public court Churchill and his horrendously arrogant and reportedly nakedly corrupt daughter Valanka have been declared persona non gratas in Goa for the sheer and brazen loot during their reign from 2007 -2012...No comebacks, at any cost in public opinion.

So, is there redemption for the Christao born in the wrong caste??? Any political afterglow??? 
THERE IS!!! But it'll take an enormous leap of faith and courage of conviction on Churchill s part…

Churchill on his new political journey in 2017 must do the following:

1. Speak to all the constituents in Benaulim and/or Navelim including social and religious groups to identify a true people’s candidate with impeccable integrity and then throw his resources ,goodwill and political savvy to get this candidate elected.

2. With his treasure chest now being strangulated by the BJP all he'll have left is his Robin Hood goodwill with the people. Use it for the aforementioned people's candidate.


3.Keep his daughter Valanka and her notorious foul mouth far far away... A sabbatical in Westminster Abbey may be what the doctor advised.

4 Get two of his bosom pals and Goa's finest legal brains Aires and Radharao to help him to do the RIGHT thing instead of the SMART thing.

In the sunset of his career Churchill will find all these answers in the Bible he's reportedly reading in jail at Colvale.

Even an alleged criminal like Churchill can come back into people's hearts but he must have the courage to understand that to do so, he must travel the right path. For GOA and not for himself or his family.

P.S. A small question for my pal Aires. What is the difference in Churchill s crime that he deserves your sympathy and Mickeys' that he deserves your continuos' opprobrium?

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Previous Comments

Oh AAP the panacea of all problems in Goa. Look what is happening in Delhi.

Holier than though.

Thank you very much for your great comments, predictions on Goa and its future.

- Pradeep, Sanguem | 20 th September 2015 17:29


I normally never reply to any comments on my articles but I will continue to reply to this thread because we need clarity on issues

1. I reiterate I don't even know Churchill personally and of course he's a criminal..but if a criminal transfers his votes without a quid pro quo to a honest sincere candidate AS DECIDED BY THE PEOPLE OF BENAULIM/NAVELIM ( my article states that) what do you do as a political party..Spit on the offer??? Is this politics for change or are we all to waste our time entertaining people as if in a b grade Bollywood thriller??

2. AAP volunteers on the ground are spending their own money, quit their jobs and are running pillar to post trying to make this sanctimonious BJP govt see reason and pull us back from the many people join them on the streets to demand action

3. Sadly everyone thinks politics is a piece of cake and that VIctory somehow's a lot of hard work. Cunning and strategy without losing sight of your core principles

4. Even I thought once upon a time that Peoples power ( non political) was enough to effect change..IT IS COMPREHENSIVELY NOT .The establishment is smart enough to wear us out and see us die a natural death..You need power to radically rehaul the system nothing short of it

5. If any of you have NAMES of folk ready to contest please give it at the AAP office..or alternatively suggest who does AAP do business with in Goa

2017 is our last completely last chance. After that it'll only be dark humour that'll keep us alive ...just about barely!!!

- oscar Rebelo , goem | 20 th September 2015 02:31


Hello Dr. Rebello,

You are supporting a Robbing Hood, seems you are very good in politics. be careful CB is watching you.

- John W D'Souza, Margo - Goa | 19 th September 2015 10:55


Dr Rebello...your analysis in the comments section is an accurate estimate of what 2017 is in store for us. We have been divided by these MFs. Religion , caste and minority politics still affecting us in the 21 st century!

Some body 's got to take the have a very clean record in Goa...get a bunch of guys together ( AAP or not) and go for it.

-, Goa | 18 th September 2015 01:32


"sabbatical in Westminster Abbey for Valanka-Devi',

wah re wah, what great service did she perform for us poor mortals to deserve this great sabbatical reward.

You seem to be having a really very soft corner for the alemaos, kite suntala kaay kide re patrao?

- Caitano, UK | 17 th September 2015 23:44


Dr. Rebello,

Be careful throwing accolades on corrupt and immoral people who walk with crutches of religion. Churchill might have thrown millions at the priests, nuns and their schools, but look at his loot of public money and abuse of power. Phenomenal indeed.

Don't think from "KALZANTLYAN", use your brainpower or 'Toklyetlyaan'

- Picardo, St. JADA | 17 th September 2015 01:34


When other question you it is all abuse and vitriol that they throw at you, and you cut a sorry 'poor victim' figure. But you have a free hand to go round kicking other peoples butts without proper evidence, facts, and get driven by emotions rather than rationality and reasoning.

- Pradeep, Sanguem | 17 th September 2015 00:50


Robin Hood????? he is surely turning in his grave... oscar has got all his facts mixed.. do you know for sure is reading the Bible? the question is does he know to read at all?

- Jaret de Silva, Chandor | 16 th September 2015 23:00


Good news.Keep up th good reporting.keep me posted if possible of th latest happenings in Goa .thks .

- Trevor Saldanha , Margao goa | 16 th September 2015 21:31


In the good interest of Goa, it is better people like Churchill and his family are kept away from politics in Goa.

In any case there is no chance of redemption for folks like

hm despite great efforts and expert advices from folks like you.

Religion is the last resort of the scoundrel.

- NJL, goa | 16 th September 2015 16:10


Whoa whoa..there is no need of this hysterical over reaction mes amis..this is exactly the reaction I was trying to provoke

Let me explain:

1 Nowhere have I said Churchill or his daughter should be back..Au contraire they should quit public life but in so doing get one at least one honest peoples candidate read between the lines

2 let us analyse the 2017 elections possibilities..

(a) The BJP with all the modi muscle and corporate money gets back in albeit with reduced majority. The same degradation of our land continues

(b) The alternative scenario are all the erstwhile Congress NCP bandidos who pillaged the land in 2007 2012..possibility of D brothers and MGP on your minority fears ( very real under this intolerant BJP RSS honchos ) and make a pitch for Porvorim somehow Vijay Rohan will play to regional sentiments and cover that flank...freedom of speech may be easier but the dog shit will continue change!!!

(c) The genuinely honest and completely earnest AAP GSRP and other like minded activist politicians ( count me out I'm a certified son of a bi**ch in public opinion and frankly I don't care ) The question is how many internet gas bags and fuming and frothing lovers of mother Goa are prepared to support morally and financially these brave hearts out on the field..They have a tough time holding on to their deposits.


But the tragedy is that Mother f** sorry loving Goans will vote Congress or BJP or MGP to satisfy their innate prejudices or allay their deep rooted fears and anxieties


This whole fig leaf of loving Goa is just a pathetic excuse for us mourning our richly deserved death!!!

Get the good guy or gal in the assembly people..Then,all your abuse and vitriol will be worthwhile

Amen om shanti and Allah o akbar

- oscar rebelo, dying goa | 16 th September 2015 01:08


Robin Hood??? Did Robin Hood accumulate billions of $s of wealth created by robbing? Did Robin Hood ran a crime syndicate, register his marriage in Portugal, get foreign passports for he and his large extended family, get into smuggling anti-national, anti-environmental activities?

It is better such people rot in jail or are done forever. Don't try to fan the emotions of weak and vulnerable.

It is such a pity that even the so-called educated class fall for such Narkasurs and don't let the law run its course. No word in your write up about his heinous crimes and misdeeds.

- Pradeep Netrvalkar, Sanguem | 15 th September 2015 17:13


Wow, what a weird logic. Bring back Churchill only because he is our Kiristav bhaav. Forget all his criminal and antisocial deeds, robbing people for several years now.

What are his accomplishments? Robin Hood? Read Robin Hood, he was not robbing 'Peter' to feed "Paul'. He robbed all the corrupt and fed the poor and kept nothing for himself! You are creating a martyr out of a corrupt and antisocial element. Don't you have anyone else to support for 2017. How sure are you that Churchill will be out and free in 2017.

Your kashti is slipping.

- Joe Alvalres, Goa | 15 th September 2015 16:53


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