Was Agnelo raided for liquor bottles? CBI, speak up!

By Dr Oscar Rebelo
11 September 2015 23:23 IST

It is another cruel joke on Goans that another soap opera in the guise of the great passport mystery is sought to be telecast on unsuspecting Goans with poor Agnelo Fernandes as principal actor and obvious target. 

One fact is indisputable. Agnelo Fernandes has streamlined and made the passport office one of the most efficient in Goa and a sheer pleasure to visit. 

If the venerable CBI (who incidentally is hounding Teesta Setalvad for drinking wine and endangering national security) has rock solid information that Agnelo is involved in criminal activities. Then it must make that knowledge public and take him to the cleaners. 

But this bizarre leak that there are bottles of foreign liquor in Agnelo's house and hence he needs to be lynched foe this crime from a non-functioning electrical pole in Nuvem is laughable. 


By this yardstick, every couple intending to marry or due to have a party should be behind bars for having liquor in the house. 

And has the CBI done due diligence in Agnelo's case?? Maybe there were two extra kgs of beef in his refrigerator (punishment kaala pani in Andamans)or perhaps Agnelo's family was eating fish during the Jain holy month of whatever (punishment chopping of fingers) or perhaps Agnelo's son was reading Kalburgi’s works ('punishmentva right wing bullet). 

The CBI should address the press more often and explain their stance about raids and arrests, which can be extremely demoralising and even drive people to suicide. 

Bottles of liquor indeed. The pathetic joke doesn't get more macabre. 

The Gestapo is well and truly alive Will the BJP government kindly issue guidelines on what positions of sex couples need to take ??? You never know when the friendly CBI may come crashing into our bedrooms and arrest us!!!

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Dr Oscar Rebelo

Dr Oscar Rebelo is one of the leading social activist of Goa and a practicing doctor. He led the historic peoples’ movement in 2006-07 to get the anti-Goa Regional Plan scrapped and save Goa from total destruction of Goa’s ecology and natural beauty. He is a Goa-based leader of Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a columnist.

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Politics of Corrupt & Greed.. Divide and Rule., Target the minority in top post. Time will come... Cannot fool the public for long!.

- tony, Goa | 14 th September 2015 10:27


Hi Doctor,

Whats UP with your AAP party nowadays?

Where is Agenlo, the passport officer, did he or his lawyer issue any statements to bring his side of the story?

would be nice to hear from the horses mouth too, before other people let out a lot of gas here and everywhere else and come to definitive conclusions, all in right, left and centre.

You are right BJP is shielding all the corrupts, why single corrupt is not gone to the jail yet. Rane , Ravi Naik, Dhovlikar, all are out and having fun.

- George, Bombay | 13 th September 2015 18:47


In response to one Ajit Sardessai an obvious right wing bigot , my clarifications are as under

1. It is clearly mentioned in my article that if Agnelo is guilty of a major crime hang him. But bottles of whisky??? Even retarded right wingers can be fair on this count

2. That the Bjp . Countrywide is trampling on individual and civil liberties is a no brainer..These ridiculous bans are laughable now.So Ajit needs a lesson in modern geo politics..Suffice to say that normal ,regular ,liberal Hindus who far outnumber the bigots like Ajit will fight these fascists more than anyone else

3. As for dregs of society like Churchill Mickey Babush Mauvin etc it is the very sanctimonious BJP that provides them the oxygen to survive even after sensible voters in their constituencies ( both catholic and Hindu ) throw them in the dog house

Ajit would hence be better advised to question his bretheren in the BJP for the horrendous mess Goa is in

Idiots like us bought into their promises and are now livid enough to ask the relevant questions.the moronic Ajits notwithstanding

- oscar rebelo, panaji | 12 th September 2015 23:53


Well said and on the spot Dotor. Nice to see you in public domain again.

If he is indeed guilty, pull him up. But for bottles of whiskey in his house, this is ridiculious.

- Goenkar, Amchen Goem | 12 th September 2015 15:38


Pathetic effort to give a communal color to a normal issue of CBI raid. Whats wrong with raid or inquiry if there is suspicion. Sorry you can't raid him because he streamlined the passport issuance ha. Streamlining is done all over India and not just in Goa.

In fact they did seize hundreds of liquor bottle which is an violation. There could be some more issues going on to. If Agnelo thinks it was injustice he or his sympathizers should knock the doors of the court. File a lawsuit against CBI for damages.

Doctor now write an article in support of Churchill and Mickey. Poor victims of circumstances.

- Sardessai Ajit, Margao | 12 th September 2015 15:20


This is selective targeting of Minorities in Goa by Govt ruled in Delhi. Such a huge raid and then booking only for possession of 102 bottles (offense not relevant to his main role) and for issuing passports for 2 persons of criminal background is utter waste of time by CBI. So as per their early reporting that they have seized foreign and Indian currencies is a big lie.There could be lapse in issuing one or two passports to criminal record persons, which is within acceptable limit or tolerance, a officer cannot be cent percent perfect in his duties. It is also surprise how current ministers either at centre or state with criminal records have passports or have their passports renewed. Why not raid RTO, PWD, TCP officials etc ?. A raid of only one hour there could easily net amount worth crores

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 12 th September 2015 01:21


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